In addition to the general Terms and Conditions, the Drivers are to accept and adhere to the following Terms and Conditions upon receipt of any delivery order.


  • Drivers are required to fulfil all delivery requirements unless a delay in delivery or acceptance has taken place due to a consequence of force majeure.
  • Should a Driver delayed in a pickup or delivery, the Company will be at sole discretion and liberty to impose a penalty of RM50 per hour and/or suspend the Driver’s account.
  • Tracking terms and rates must be agreed upon by both parties in advance; should a Driver employ a more expensive trucking method to meet their required delivery date, the Company will not bare any sudden increase in cost.
  • All delivery orders (DO’s) with invoice must be returned to eTRUCX within 3 business days from job performed date after obtaining acknowledgement (chop & sign) from the customer.
  • eTRUCX shall at its sole discretion and liberty to charge a penalty of RM100.00 onto the affected Drivers if DO’s with invoice are not returned to eTRUCX within 3 business days from the job performed date, with an additional penalty of RM50.00 for every subsequent day delayed.

Inspection and Testing

  • eTRUCX reserves the right to claim any lost, cost and/or damages from the Drivers due to negligence and/or reckless driving by the Driver that led to damaging of goods/cargo in their possession.
  • eTRUCX reserves the right to inspect/decline the Driver’s fleet for its suitability or compliance with basic and/or specific requirements if deemed necessary for a contractual job as requested by the Company’s client.
  • The Drivers are responsible to provide required equipment, upon request, which are properly maintained and operated. (e.g.: trolley, tool box, etc.)


  • eTRUCX reserves the right to make changes in specifications and delivery schedules, dependent upon customer requirement.
  • eTRUCX reserves the right to make any changes in cost according to the above changes.
  • The Drivers are to provide us with their driver details at least 2 hours before job start (local jobs) and 1 day before job start (outstation jobs) should there be any changes.


  • eTRUCX may, with or without cause to any other remedy they may have and after giving written notice, cancel a delivery order.
  • The Drivers are prohibited to cancel delivery orders/jobs once accepted. If a cancellation is deemed necessary due to a consequence of force majeure, the Drivers are required to keep eTRUCX informed as soon as possible.


  • eTRUCX shall not be held liable for any claim or loss of any kind, damage of the products, goods or the Driver’s facilities.
  • The Drivers are to be held responsible should there be any damages or loss of product/cargo due to negligence.


  • The Drivers invoices and monthly statements must refer to relevant delivery order number(s).
  • The Drivers must provide all invoices within a month from job performed date. eTRUCX shall have the sole discretion to reject any claims and/or backdated invoices after the said one month period.
  • eTRUCX will pay the Driver according to the negotiated and agreed terms of payment.


Description Penalty/Charges
Late DO returns, on the 4th day RM100
Late DO returns every subsequent day after the 4th day RM50
Last minute cancellation without a valid reason Total job amount
Direct dealing with customer without the company’s knowledge Immediate termination and a penalty of RM500
Start job and End job is a must for all jobs Hold payment for additional 30 days