25 Tips for House Moving

Don't stress, Here's 25 House Moving Tips for you. Let's get Moving!

  1. Schedule Ahead of time

    Don’t forget to start planning earlier. Create a schedule or reminder so you don’t miss out on this important date. Remember to take leave and inform your management you are moving out!

  2. Inform Settle all your bills

    Pay all your existing bills before you leave. Example – Water bill, electric bill and internet! Let’s keep a good credit score!

  3. Make sure new home has water and power

    Get those electricity and water flowing into your house. Survival tips 101.

  4. Inform important parties such as banks you are moving

    These companies will require to send you important documents/statements from time to time. Let them know your new address. Banks, Utility Companies, Insurance etc.

  5. Take a picture and get a house plan

    A house plan will ease your moving plans. Plan where to place your belongings beforehand.

  6. Check for movers (eTRUCX)

    Get quotes from multiple movers to compare the quality and prices. Or just book from eTRUCX lahhhh

  7. Buy boxes & tapes

    Make sure you have enough boxes and tapes before the moving day. Organize your items in the boxes for easy moving.

  8. Buy plastic & Bubble Wrap

    If you have heavy & huge furniture or fragile items, always bubble wrap them. Trust me, this will keep them from being damaged.

  9. Create a Checklist

    Keep track of your items. This will help you to stay organized and stress free during the moving day!

  10. Safe Keep your important docs first

    No one wants to lose their birth certificate, passport and other important docs. Make sure they are safe and sound first.

  11. Label your boxes and colour code them

    This is an ideal method to stay organize. Keep track of your items, label and colour code them, it will definitely be easier to unpack later on.

  12. Pack your least used rooms first

    Start with your store room, most of the items here are already in boxes.

  13. Position Plates Vertically

    Breaking bowl and plates are definitely a no no. Place them vertically to avoid any unwanted movement.

  14. Wrap the hole of your bottles with plastic, tighten the cap after

    Prevent your expensive perfume from wastage!

  15. Prepare a survival kit

    Survival Kit says it all, you will need to keep yourself “alive”, at least much more comfortable during the moving day. Pack your daily essentials such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, towel, clothes, cutleries, beauty products (women’s essentials), and some snacks. Freshen up first, Unpack later.

  16. Use sandwich bag to store bolts, nuts, screws etc for easy assembling

    Don’t wanna lose these!

  17. Take a picture of your electronics for easy cable management

    Copy & Paste. Done.

  18. Pack your hanged clothes using this lifehack

    Yea Lifehack 101.

  19. Wrap all your cupboards and drawers

    Wrap them up, keep them pretty and nice.

  20. Strong boxes for books

    Knowledge is power therefore books are heavy. Store them in strong boxes so they don’t fall out.

  21. Separate your valuables

    Jewellery go missing habis la. Keep them properly please.

  22. Before disposing, donate your items or give to your friends lahhh

    Save your time and money without disposing them. Your friends might want it.

  23. After sealing all your boxes, just number them lah, don’t miss out on any later

    Yup, number them, be organized. At least, you can count them before you move to the next house.

  24. Remember to get a broom and mop to clean up after all this mess

    A few more steps to your beautiful home. Keep it nice and shiny!

  25. Defrost your fridge at least a day before moving

    You see, ice melt. Ice becomes water. Water needs to dry or else they will spill. Keep it dry ok?